A lithophone is a musical instrument made of rocks.

Examples can be found around the world in various forms - some more manipulated than others. 

At a field recording retreat in Scotland this past June, other participants (a sculptor, field recordists, musicians, sound artists) and I were exploring and came across a site filled with slate. We created our own impromptu lithophone and recorded the improvisation:

Field recording of playing an improvised lithophone, in a hollow by the Callater Burn (Cairngorms National park, Scotland, June 2018).

The location maybe long ago was a quarry, now abandoned. We found pieces of slate, and arranged them according to certain rules, onto branches and sticks, to find the best ringing tone of each stone.
Then we played. The landscape played with. -Sissel Berntsen

Playing: Sissel Berntsen, Sara Pajunen, Kent Macpherson, Rob Mackay
Recording: Daniy Oberle, Karl Richard, Rob Mackay
Mixing: Karl Richard
Video recording: Daniy Oberle
Video editing: Sara Pajunen

sara pajunen