AALLOTAR'S second album 'Ameriikan laulu' is released today on Nordic Notes!

As my life continues to be blessed with the privilege of education and travel, I am evermore curious about how this beautiful, chaotic, heart-breaking, hopeful country (and world) of ours/mine is formed. How can I understand my life's and family's history as part of a continuum, and how can I use that knowledge to affect some beauty or change? I am grateful to have the chance to ask questions.


Enjoy this video of the title track, with footage taken by Alan Lomax in 1938.

by Aallotar / www.aallotarmusic.com Video by Sara Pajunen Film footage of the Green Dancers (1938 by Alan Lomax) courtesy American Folklife Center collections, Library of Congress © 2018 Nordic Notes © 2018 And Say We Did
sara pajunen