From now on, I don't use Apple music and I don't use Spotify.

I can purchase 12 albums a year for the price of an Apple music subscription. I can listen to these albums intently -with presence - as we all did before the invention of streaming. I am reminded of what Ran Blake once said in his class: he doesn't think he could be the musician he is now if he had grown up in this modern world. 

That makes me very worried and sad.

To really know an album, to truly listen - will that soon be something of the past? I believe that if it is, we will have lost something as a culture.  And I haven't even mentioned the financial aspect of these streaming services, how they are taking money right from the hands of the majority of artists. If you want to see the amount of income I receive from streaming in the United States (it’s much more in Europe), send me an email.

The way forward is not to go backward. It is, however, to take some principles of the past with us. I don’t believe that the only options are either physical media OR monthly streaming subscriptions. We can create alternatives.

Will you do your part?

sara pajunen