I curated a playlist of new Nordic/Baltic folk for my friend

Meena's San Francisco music resource, Reveler. Check it out here: 

And here is my intro:

"What can you often hear in Nordic music? Nature. Space. That is what I am drawn to, I may even say it lives somewhere inside of me, as most of my roots are Finnish. Of course, nature and space goes beyond the Nordic countries, to humanity as a whole. But there are certain cultures where it is embedded, even just a bit more, and the Nordic countries are some of these. Art mimics life, life mimics art, whichever it is, I have chosen tracks that conjure that sense of space, of walking in the deep forest, the forest that belongs to everyone. The forest that reminds us we are just a blip in time, that we are connected to our ancestors, that we are a part of something larger." 

sara pajunen