I saw the movie BROOKLYN today.

You know, very dramatic, teary, cinematic, bold colors. It's the story of an Irish immigrant in the '50s - the story of making new home, of leaving the old, the comfortable, the familiar. I partly saw it because its storyline is pertinent to my Laatikko/Box project, but also because it's a theme I'm drawn to, interested in (which is probably why I made a project like Laatikko/Box). The main character finds that when she returns to Ireland, her hometown, after living in Brooklyn, interacting with 'other,' even marrying 'other,' she has changed. Changed too much to be comfortable in what used to be a comfort, a home, a culture she knew. Others may not have understood - how could they if they hadn't themselves left?? 

My project Laatikko/Box suggests that we've all left, though. What is a definition of culture? 'CULTURE CONSISTS OF PATTERNS, EXPLICIT AND IMPLICIT.' 'CULTURE IN ITS BROADEST SENSE IS CULTIVATED BEHAVIOR - BEHAVIOR THROUGH SOCIAL LEARNING.' If we consciously change a pattern, then are we not immigrants in some way? Have you ever left a behavior you learned socially? Left because it didn't fit how you saw the world anymore? What you felt was best for you? Or maybe you just felt confined. And if you haven't left, have you wanted to? To get on that boat to a new world? A world of choice, of freedom, of opportunity, a chance to learn a new culture? 

What does it take to get on that boat: courage, trust, hope? Isn't there always a chance to get on that boat? 

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