Instead of marching today,

I am at an enormous suburban high school, 'judging' over 30 musical groups for a regional contest.
Trump wants to cut most of the little art funding that is left in this country. Why is this important? The arts make us more human. Good musicianship teaches us to compromise, to work together, to listen well, to tap into that which exists beyond time and culture. Good musicianship that is, and we need to continue promoting that, encouraging it, and leaving space for it in our culture. The more it disappears, the less all of us remember it exists. That is the danger of the slippery slope. That is the importance of resistance and going against the grain.
Marches are good, they are big and visible. But we also have choices in our daily lives - every day! How do we want our society to be? It is made up of us. We are fighting against strong forces: greed, power, ego. But aren't we all fighting against those forces inside ourselves on a daily basis? The internal journey is the external.
We need to work in all ways to fight for the good of humanity - that is beyond any constructed party lines. 
But. Trump proposes cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts. That also effects funding in the schools, and funding to the arts in general. The arts are an integral part to culture, and the national government should support them. 
Let's work together!!

sara pajunen