It is possible Teija Niku and I were spinning around on the same carousel

at the Kaustinen festival children's park at some point! Like in the '80s.

Both of us have been performing since we were little. I used to visit Finland every four years with the Minnesotan children's group Singing Strings - including performing a few times in Kaustinen. Teija performed there many years in a row with an accordion group from Haapavesi and later went to the music college there. In 2016 we performed for the first time at the Kaustinen festival as Aallotar.

On our upcoming album, 'Ameriikan laulu/Song of America,' you'll find Metsäkukkia: a song we've both known and played since those old days. We've added our own twist to the arrangement of course and I took liberties in my translation of the lyrics! No fun if you don't.

sara pajunen