Happy new year! My solo project, LAATIKKO/BOX, is now available for sale and download. It's difficult now, at the completion of an artistic project, when I should tie all the knots tightly, package the work up neatly, present it in an oversaturated world, vie for a millisecond of internet attention (and yours). But it's not difficult enough to make me forget how this project, Laatikko/Box, began. It's not difficult enough to make me forget about the fear, the uncertainty, the searching, all the circumstances in the last 3 years that contributed to its creation. It was a huge step in my artistic and personal growth - and more than that, I believe this 31.5 minutes has something to offer the listener, and for that I am grateful and proud. All I desire is that people take something away from the work - maybe something to soften, to open, to create a small crack or change. 

sara pajunen