My amplified sonic dream come true

is 4DSOUND. 'Spatial sound is ... improving the quality of our listening environment to enhance our mental and physical state of being," they say. I say, do you realize the poor quality of directed sound that is such a far cry from the natural 3D sound experience of this world? Can't they be more similar? 

Them, again:  'By exploring new ways of listening spatially, and discovering new subtleties in our capacity to perceive sound, we are examining the role that sound plays in consciousness. We become aware of the way we perceive, and we challenge to what extent we are able to perceive consciously, or unconsciously. Developing our capacity to listen spatially, means becoming increasingly sensitive and subtly interconnected with the environment we exist in and are a part of. When we listen in this way, a new level of awareness begins to emerge. A way of decoding conscious experience through being mindful- in other words, by listening.'

sara pajunen