Nearly once a week

I have a question that is so enveloped in the breadth of history, the size of the globe and its past and present population that it seems unanswerable. Also, the questions themselves seem to lead to inconclusive answers. But I am not an anthropologist. 

Maybe the Lomax Collection's Global Jukebox provides a platform to answering some of these questions:  'Users can sort songs from around the world and sift for commonalities, finding clues to migration patterns, or the way societies with similar structures share modes of expression.'

The Unfinished Work of Alan Lomax's Global Jukebox

There's a fundamental contradiction to the life and work of Alan Lomax, the prolific collector of American folk songs. He encouraged Western audiences to appreciate rural and indigenous traditions as true art, on the same level as classical music. Meanwhile, he wanted to help those marginalized societies maintain distinct cultural identities, empowering them against the encroaching influence of mass media.

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