The Laatikko/Box album had a

good week-long run in development at a secluded and historical artist retreat on Rainy Lake. Ernest Oberholtzer was a Harvard-educated conservationist who lived the majority of his life on a small, rocky island called Mallard Island (just near the Canadian border). The island and its fantastically unique buildings have been preserved by a foundation and are used for retreats and residencies. No better place to focus on a project that demands time, space, and connection with the natural world! And, the island houses over 10,000 books. I felt the history of the United States in the small snippets I read: the exploration, the hierarchy, the promise, the beginnings of a new culture. Very in line with the idea of Laatikko/Box, very in line with the current state of our union. The Laatikko/Box album will be released by the end of 2016. 

sara pajunen