The music of Astor Piazzolla,

since I first heard it, often sounds and feels like the perfect music to me. I have played quite a bit of it. It is deceptively difficult, and playing you realize how much music lives in the 'feel.' I won't use more words to explain, except those of Astor himself: (Speaking of Nadia Boulanger, his teacher) 'Nadia looked into my eyes and asked me to play one of my tangos at the piano. So I confessed to her that I played the bandoneon; I told her she shouldn’t expect a good piano player because I wasn’t. She insisted, ”It doesn’t matter, Astor, play your tango.” And I started out with ”Triunfal”. When I finished, Nadia took my hands in hers and with that english of hers, so sweet, she said, ”Astor, this is beautiful. I like it a lot. Here is the true Piazzolla – do not ever leave him.” It was the great revelation of my musical life.'

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