I bought this trailer in 2012, at a moment when I was touring very frequently and had dreams of a more vagabond and self-reliant style. I took it out, intending a big swoop around the western US: from Minnesota to Arizona, up the coast of California to Washington state, then finally back to Minnesota. In actuality, after breaking down two days after leaving, I spent a lonely night on the Kansas turnpike (the coyotes!) and the following two weeks in Wichita. This long-pined-after, cute as a button, nostalgic trailer ruined my car. Eventually I ended up in Austin, Texas, but the trailer never saw any state without an I-35. I haven't used the trailer since.

I've noticed in life, people/ideas/things/opportunities pop up and say "look at me!" Like a book, for example. A book catches someone's interest in a used book store and is purchased. Once home, the person may not have the presence nor the desire to read this book at this moment. So it is placed on the shelf. Some time later - maybe years later - the book, which was bought instinctually so long ago, is finally read. After all this time, the book (person/idea/thing/opportunity) feeds the reader what she needs. I think it could be like this with the trailer, which I now call Voice Bubble - you know, like in comic books (of which I've read plenty).

Recently having spent hours and hours listening to taped recorded conversations from the Finnish-American archives, I have been inspired to engage in conversations with family, friends, and strangers surrounding topics of immigration, family history, change - and the uncertainty that comes with change. As I bring archival material to the Arrowhead libraries in September 2014 as part of Laatikko/Box, the trailer will come along. After select library programs on the Iron Range, the trailer will be open to anyone who would like to sit for a chat. Hopefully it will contain more conversations that allow exploration, reminiscing, questioning. At the very least, a thing so cute should get out and about more often.